Xr400r a good bike?

I’ve been looking on Craigslist for a first motorcycle recently, I intend to do enduro, desert riding, maybe some MX, but mostly trail riding and street riding in the Oakland hills near my house. Nothing dangerous or high speed, little to no freeway use, just cruising.

I’ve noticed lots of unique plated bikes come and go, but I’ve noticed I can always find a solid xr400r for sale. They are light, not too tall, and are supposedly as reliable as a tractor. I’ve also heard that “they are about as fun as a tractor too”. I’m not sure how this could be true given it’s power and capabilities, but I’m looking to reddit for help. Is this a fitting bike for me? Will the kickstarting be a pain all the time? Help me out here guys.

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Xr400r a good bike?
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