Why is the KLR 650 so damn popular?

Compared to the DR650, it’s heavier and has more parts to break or maintain thanks to liquid cooling system (e.g. radiator fan blades), plastic fairings in the 2nd gen, and the doohickey. Stock suspension sucks on both, stock seats suck on both, not sure how much actual buffeting and wind protection the KLR fairing provides. What’s left? The larger tank? Add two hundred to DR purchase price and there’s that tank…

I don’t get why so many folks like the KLR, and especially like how it can ‘go anywhere’…. Sure, it’s able to go ‘anywhere’ as long as there’s packed dirt, but also practically any motorcycle is able to as long as you’re fine with scratches… It’s able to do highway better than the DR or XR? But you’ll still be upgrading the seat, and it seems that DR has more power up high… Is the KLR stock wind protection actually that good? And at that rate why not get a wee-strom or the like, cause it will legitimately do highway and also be fine on that same packed dirt?

I’m sure few people are buying these new, and all of the bikes I’ve mentioned can be had for a few grand with a few farkles pre-installed so price can’t be much of an issue…

..am I missing something?

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Why is the KLR 650 so damn popular?
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